Collection: Hanami

Spring. Renewal. The fleeting nature of life. All these ideas are encompassed in the delicate flowers of the cherry tree that bloom for only a few weeks in the spring. The dark, rough bark alongside the fragile blooms is entrancing. Indeed, who can resist the ethereal pink blossoms floating in the breeze? These charming trees are the inspiration for my recent series of acrylic paintings. I enjoy a textural, abstract approach to painting and these works are no different. Rather than a literal representation of the blossoms, I sought to have the viewer feel their presence and warmth, to have the trees reach out from the canvas and touch the soul. Since returning to the Southwest, I particularly miss basking in the glory of the bright cherry blossoms juxtaposed against the muted, slate Portland sky. This nostalgic sentiment guided my choice of subdued color palette and results in an inviting composition sure to add a touch of comfort to any room. I’ve named this series Hanami, which means literally “watching blossoms.”